Vacation Scams in Mexico

Vacation Scams in Mexico

Mexico has long been a top vacation destination for visitors from all over the world. From its beautiful weather, amazing culture, and kind and generous inhabitants, Mexico is a vacation favorite for many people. However, be aware that scammers also know Mexico is a hot tourist spot and find it easy to prey on innocent victims who are on vacation.  Read here so you can know how to prevent yourself from falling prey to vacation scams in Mexico.

Scams at the Airport

One of the top scams happens right when you arrive into the airport at your favorite Mexican destination. Make sure you go with the right company if you pre-paid for your airport transport to your hotel. A top vacation scam occurs when you are approached by individuals claiming to be the transport company you have pre-booked, but in fact it is a third party who will charge you for the service once they deliver you to your hotel. This type of vacation scam usually occurs in the busiest airports in Mexico, and the scammers take advantage of the hustle and bustle to convince you that they are the company you hired. They may immediately pull you from the crowds and take you to the transport area outside of the terminal building. Because of this, you would assume this is the airport transfer you have pre-booked, but make sure you check the company logo and confirm your name is truly on their paperwork before you get in their vehicle. Easy way to prevent a vacation scam from happening to you!

Rental Scams

Another type of vacation scam that is becoming more common in Mexico is rental scams that prey on both unsuspecting homeowners and vacationers searching for accommodation during their stay in Mexico. This vacation scam works a couple way – you can be scammed as an owner looking to rent out your property, or you can be scammed if you are a renter looking for somewhere to stay on your vacation in Mexico. Make sure to always use reputable vacation rental agencies that offer guarantees, and check references before you sign any contracts or hand over any money.

Timeshare scams

Timeshare scams in Mexico are less common now than they were in the past. This is thanks to the hard work of the Mexican government and legitimate timeshare providers who have done their part to minimize illegal actions by scammers.  Nowadays, buying timeshare in Mexico is generally a safe and attractive investment opportunity for both foreigners and Mexican nationals. The type of timeshare scams that you should be aware of today relate more to fake timeshare cancellation companies that try to offer you services they cannot legally perform. In order to protect yourself from this vacation scam, avoid timeshare cancellation companies at all costs.

Credit Card Hoaxes

Another common type of vacation scam in Mexico can put your credit card number at risk. The vacation scam can occur if you book your vacation online to Mexico through an insecure website. By making payment for your flights or accommodation using an insecure website, you are putting yourself in jeopardy to have someone steal your credit card number. You should also be careful when handing over your credit card to pay for transactions at restaurants or other locations during your vacation in Mexico. It is now recommended that you keep your card in sight at all times. Most establishments now have wireless terminals to charge credit card payments right at your table, so if you are ever unsure, keep your card with you and ask if they can bring the terminal to you. It is also safer to use a credit card instead of a debit card for any transactions you have while on vacation.

Have you encountered any vacation scams when traveling in Mexico? We hope these tips will keep you safe so you can enjoy the relaxing vacation you deserve!

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