Travel Tips Update (2020)


Due to the coronavirus and COVID-19 epidemic, the entire world is living in a state of uncertainty. In many ways, everyday living has been halted. Most travel plans have been cancelled too, but if we all work together, traveling will soon be possible again. In Mexico, the resorts have closed temporarily, but they are all looking forward to welcoming new travelers very soon. Until then, everyone must stay at home, so they are safe. Continue to read below to learn more about travel tips for Mexico. 

Travel Tips Update (2020) 

Travel Tip 1: Don’t Go Overboard

When you are able to start traveling again, you shouldn’t go overboard with packing for your vacation. If you pack less, then you can use smaller luggage or a backpack, and it will help you to get around much easier. You will be able to move faster if you only have one suitcase. Packing light only makes sense in 2020. If we’ve learned anything at all from this experience, it is that we can get along with much less than we thought we needed. 

Travel Tip 2: Avoid Crowded Spaces

It is very important to avoid any crowded spaces while traveling. We now know how important that really is. While large crowds are often found at the top tourist attractions, you should still try to avoid any crowded places, especially after what we have learned from the current coronavirus and COVID-19 situation. One way to avoid large crowds on vacation is to plan sightseeing excursions for the morning time, because there will not be as many people out. Also, you should try to go bike riding or walking when you go exploring. You may want to avoid using any public transportation too, because a lot of people use public transportation, and there will be more germ risks

Travel Tip 3: Practice Good Hygiene

Everyone should practice good hygiene routines at home and on vacation. You should continue to wash your hands regularly along with avoiding anyone that is sick. Don’t touch your eyes and face, and you should keep sanitizing wipes with you, so you can clean any surfaces before you touch them. You can keep your hands clean by washing hands regularly using warm water and soap. Hand sanitizer is a good choice if you aren’t near warm water and soap. You should continue to avoid shaking anyone’s hands, hugging, and kissing anyone when you greet them. It is very important to still practice safe distancing. 

Travel Tip 4: Use a Map On Your Phone

It is always exciting and fun to explore a new town, but you can avoid crowded places if you use a map on your phone instead of a traditional map. If you prefer a traditional map, just make sure you try to sanitize the map thoroughly. Whenever possible, use a map on your phone for added ease and convenience. 

Travel Tip 5: Carry An Extra Bank Card

Once you are able to travel, you should try to carry an extra bank card with you. Although some banks charge extra fees to use an ATM to get money, many banks will not charge you those extra fees. You should check with your bank or credit card company to learn what fees they charge prior to you leaving on your vacation. If you lose or your bank card is stolen, then having an extra one will be a lifesaver while vacationing. 

The travel tips update (2020) above will keep you protected once you are able to travel again. Currently, traveling is prohibited due to the coronavirus, but it won’t be much longer until you can travel again. Do you plan on a Mexico vacation? If so, then you should check out Tafer Hotels & Resorts in Mexico. They have amazing resorts in Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas. Until then, stay in your home and keep yourself safe.

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