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The 2021 Top World Spirit Awards edition recently was held in Paris, France. There, the award ceremony had sixteen jury members that decided the top spirits worldwide. Christophe Guitard, Myriam Huet, and Mona Khalife are renowned tasters and sommeliers that oversaw the rankings and tastings of numerous spirits and brands. They decided that Hacienda El Divisadero Raicilla in Puerto Vallarta was the best in the entire world, and they were awarded the Gold Medal. Would you like to vacation in Mexico and enjoy raicilla tastings? If so, then you should stay at Garza Blanca Resorts. They are an award winning resort provider that has resorts in popular vacation destinations such as in Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, and Cancun. Schedule a dream vacation with Garza Blanca today. In the meantime, read more below to learn more about the raicilla tastings. 

  • Hacienda El Divisadero Raicilla Tastings

Would you like to get to know more about raicilla? If so, then come to Mexico. Raicilla is one of Mexico’s signature spirits that you are sure to enjoy. Hacienda El Divisadero was first founded in 1999 in a small town of El Tuito, which is just south of Puerto Vallarta. The raicilla production is led by Jorge Luis Carbajal there. The raicilla has a delicious flavor and the aroma is tantalizing. Raicilla is one of Mexico’s best spirits, and that is why they have just been awarded the Top World Spirit Awards in Paris, France. Raicilla is a single distilled alcohol that is approximately 100 proof. 

  • Raicilla a Distilled Spirit

Raicilla is a distilled spirit that originated in the State of Jalisco, which is made using the agave plant. Raicilla is quite a lot like tequila and mezcal. This spirit has been a traditional drink for 300 years and more. The raicilla comes from the agave plant and there are two types of raicilla. The Highlander and the Coastal raicilla have different taste, but they both come with high standards of quality. Also, white, Silver, aged, flavored, and original are varieties of raicilla. A charming mountain town that is close by to Puerto Vallarta is Mascota. There, every year they hold a raicilla festival that celebrates the wonderful spirit. Ready to get to know more? You should plan a vacation in Mexico and make sure to try a raicilla tasting, too. 

  • Raicilla Tastings 

Mexico has always been known for having a rich culture and history along with producing the quality craft drinks. Tequila, raicilla, and mezcal are important parts of Mexico’s history. The Denomination of Origin has recently started protecting raicilla. The raicilla is distilled by using crude, authentic skills where the mash is fermented. The raicilla process will produce different flavors based upon the soil type, weather, yeasts, topography, water, and the specific Maestro Raicillero producer in charge. When raicilla is finished, the liquid has no color if it is being matured in a glass. On the contrary, it will have more of a yellow color if it is matured in a wooden container. 

Are you ready to book a vacation in Mexico so you can enjoy raicilla tastings? You can enjoy raicilla tastings at many of the tours in Mexico. If you need a place to stay for your vacation, then contact Garza Blanca Resorts. They have luxury resorts in Puerto Vallarta, Cabo, and other top destinations in Mexico. In addition, they sell a quality vacation club membership for people who want to regular vacation in paradise. Their resorts also have stringent COVID safety measures in places to keep guests and staff members safe. They even have a few beachfront residences for sale if you want to buy a beachfront home in Mexico.  Contact them today to learn more!  

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