Destinations in Mexico Perfect for Families – Puerto Vallarta

As far as perfect family destinations go, Puerto Vallarta (Vallarta or PV) is one of the best in the Mexico, if not the world. Visitors of any age and preference will find something amazing to distraction themselves with so many activities to entertain the whole family from babies to baby boomers! Being that there is something for everyone, it makes perfect sense that Puerto Vallarta remains to be a popular vacation destination for both vacation fractional ownership and timeshare. There aren’t many places where you can come back year in year out and still be left in awe and impressed by what’s new.

There are more elements to consider when selecting a location to purchase or rent a timeshare unit. Flights can be a serious consideration and you might want to think about if there are direct flights from a city near you and how expensive flights will work out for the whole family every year. Puerto Vallarta is certainly a hot spot for buyers from Canada and the USA looking for great timeshare and real estate deals as there are many direct, cheap flights.

The fantastic beaches that grace the shores of Banderas Bay, where Puerto Vallarta sits at the center, are a major attraction for visitors from abroad as well as national tourists. Families can pick and choose what kind of beach experience they are looking for: raucous waves for playing, surf or shallow calm waters for young children etc. In 2013, Puerto Vallarta was also awarded with a number of certifications for safety and cleanliness for many of its beaches.

The great range of activities available in Puerto Vallarta is also a huge bonus. There are so many tours and excursions to experience that you could do something different every day for a whole season and never repeat an experience. Many hotels in Puerto Vallarta will also have their own free activities and kids clubs to ensure that families have enough ways to entertain their young ones.

Dining in restaurants back home with young children is sometimes more stressful than it is enjoyable, but in Puerto Vallarta there are many family options where you will feel comfortable taking little children. Mexico is also a very family oriented culture where children are welcome almost anywhere at any time of the evening.

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