Cancel Cancun Timeshare

Most timeshare owners that have invested in vacation ownership in Cancun are not concerned about timeshare cancellation. Cancun is one of Mexico’s top timeshare destinations and it is a place that continues to delight owners, tourists and residents alike.

It is good that few people seek to cancel their timeshares in Cancun, because timeshare cancellation can be very tricky and in some cases impossible. Depending on your circumstances and reasons for cancelling your timeshare, you will be able to cancel timeshare contracts, but only in very limited cases. Valid reasons for timeshare contract cancellation in Cancun include being involved in a timeshare scam, having solid proof of being deliberately lied to by the timeshare seller or buying a timeshare on a resort property that was never built. All of these cases are very uncommon in Cancun thanks to government regulations.

In the event that you feel you have grounds for cancelling your timeshare in Cancun, you should seek advice from a lawyer to see what steps you can take to cancel your contract and get your money back. All other reasons for cancellation such as not being able to pay your instalments or maintenance fees are not valid reasons for legal cancellation and you are best advised to speak to the timeshare operator in Cancun to find a solution to your financial issues. In these cases beware timeshare lawyer scams that will offer you a cancellation package when there are no legal grounds for cancellation.

The only easy way to cancel your timeshare in Cancun if you have simply changed your mind and no longer want to own a timeshare in Cancun is to do so during what the industry calls the “cooling off” period. This is the timeframe you are given for cancellation. Each country, and indeed timeshare company, will stipulate their own timeframe, although there is a minimum time obligated by the Mexican government for timeshare purchases in Cancun. You should check directly with the timeshare operator in Cancun to find out how much time you have to cancel.

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