Where to Find the Best Pizza in Cancun

Where to Find the Best Pizza in Cancun

It goes without saying that Mexican food is some of the best in the world. From tamales, to enchiladas, pozole to tacos, there is so much to love about flavorful and satisfying Mexican food. In addition to Mexican food, did you know that pizza is also one of the most popular foods loved around the world? If you are looking for the best pizza in Cancun, check out our suggestions for the top seven places in Cancun that make great pizza pies.

Best Pizza in Cancun: Where to Find Great Pizza

Pizzeria La Pizzarra (La Isla Shopping Center)

Located in Cancun’s La Isla Shopping Center, Pizzeria La Pizzarra is one of our top choices for the best pizza in Cancun. In addition to the great food, you will enjoy incredible lagoon vistas as you dine. The Italian style pizza crust is authentic, and they have gluten free pizza selections as well. In addition to some of the best pizza in Cancun  they also have a variety of pastas, meats, and seafood dishes to please every palate. Make sure to order a refreshing cocktail to go along with your meal.  Don’t miss the chalkboard signs that are placed around the restaurant which contain interesting facts and current news and sporting event info that may interest you.

Rino’s Pizza Time (Outside of Hotel Zone)

Located just outside of the hotel zone in Cancun, Rino’s Pizza Time specializes in delicious pizza. Are you vegan or vegetarian? If so, you will love to learn that they have multiple delicious options that fit your dietary requirements as well. Guests will undoubtedly appreciate the cozy ambiance with soft Italian music playing in the background. The pizzas are cooked in a wood fire so that the pizzas taste even better. Want to try something different to eat other than pizza? Try the penne al salmon with vodka which is a very popular dish at Rino’s Pizza Time.

Pizzeria Luna Rossa (Near the Plaza de Toros Cancun)

After a visit to the Plaza de Toros Cancun, head to Pizzeria Luna Rossa for some of the best pizza in Cancun. The pizza is reasonably priced and you can expect excellent service, too. Do you love wine? If you do, then you will undoubtedly be impressed with their ample wine list. The Pizzeria Luna Rossa is a great choice for either lunch or dinner, and don’t miss their daily specials of the day as well.  

Padrino’s Pizza Express (Near the Beach)

Are you travelling on a budget and looking for the best pizza in Cancun that is affordable as well? If so, Padrino’s Pizza Express is ideal for you. It is a casual bar-style restaurant that is situated near the beach so you can easily grab a slice at Padrino’s Pizza Express after a day of fun in the sun. You can opt to sit outside on the sidewalk which is perfect for people watching, or sit at the bar inside to escape the hot Cancun rays. A cold and refreshing beer will help cool you off as well.

Le Fate Ristorante Italiano (Central Cancun)

Le Fate Ristorante Italiano is a family friendly restaurant that is also nice for a romantic date as well. Their pizzas and seafood dishes are prepared with authentic Italian flavors and spices, and a the 4-cheese pizza is a real crowd pleaser.  Guests comment on how much they enjoy the blend of flavors and the tasty pizza crust. Want something else besides pizza? Try their penne pasta or lasagna. Wondering what kind of cocktail to try to go along with your meal?  Their house sangria is delicious and perfectly pairs with their scrumptious pizzas and pastas.

Mr. Lasana (Center of Cancun)

Mr. Lasana has the best wood fired pizzas in town. Some visitors have commented that they felt as if they were transported all the way to Italy when they took a bite of their tasty pizzas. The marguerita and bolognesa pizzas are favorite choices that are guaranteed to impress. Definitely save room for dessert because the apple strudel and classic tiramisu desserts are out of this world!

Col Bigolo Ristorante Pizzeria & Shop (Puerto Cancun)

The Col Bigolo Ristorante Pizzeria & shop is perfect for visitors to explore the Puerto Cancun area. You can expect to enjoy delectable authentic Italian pizza and dishes that are affordable as well. The restaurant décor has a hipster feel and relaxing vibe that makes your dining experience that much more enjoyable. Do you enjoy a nice wine? They have a decent wine list that has good quality options at varying price levels. Pasta lovers should also order the carbonara spaghetti which is a traditional Italian dish that is mouthwatering. Heading to Cancun soon? If so, make sure you try our top choices for the best pizza in Cancun.

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