What Timeshare Solutions are Available?

What Timeshare Solutions are Available?

People who like to go on vacation with their families often at a price they can afford will love the concept of having a timeshare membership. Timeshare memberships are an effective way to gain access to some of the hottest tourist spots on the planet. Although not everyone gravitates  towards timeshare memberships, those that do, gain a lot of choices for their vacation plans.

If you are one of those people who gravitates towards timeshare, here are some timeshare solutions that are available to you.

Points Based Vacation Clubs

The best timeshare solution available is the points based vacation clubs. As you will see from the explanations of fixed and floating weeks below, this option provides even more flexibility because it allows you to use your points in as small or as large an increment as you like. That means you can reserve slots for less than 7 days or for longer than 7-day intervals, and you are not restricted to what season or what specific weeks of the year to use your points.

An added benefit is the ability to use your points as many times in as many locations as you can during the year. If you have the points for it, you can use them, and some clubs will allow other services to be covered with your points (like all inclusive plans)!

Fixed Weeks

When timeshares first came out, membership options were scheduled according to weekly spots. So, members would purchase a set of weeks out of the year to use as vacation time each year at a specific kind of resort location. The idea of having the same set of weeks off each year is fine if your job gives you your vacation on the same set of weeks during the year. However, most people’s schedules don’t flow like that these days, so the floating weeks solution came into existence as the answer to the problem with fixed weeks.

Floating Weeks

Unlike the fixed weeks membership, the floating weeks membership offers a more flexible reservation schedule. Instead of reserving exact dates each year, you get to reserve seasonal blocks (like summer or winter). This works perfect for those years when your vacation dates don’t coincide with the previous year’s dates.

Exchange Companies

Companies like RCI (the Registry Collection and Interval International) were birthed out of the demand for more flexibility in timeshare memberships. The increase in fame of timeshare memberships sparked an interest in swapping membership at one resort in one country for a resort (or resort options) in another country. So, those desiring to exchange their resort reservation to resort in another country can do so with ease when dealing with an exchange company.

Cancellation Agencies

This agency will act like an authentic timeshare solution, but it is not a real solution. Cancellation companies are scams. This alleged timeshare solution offers legal services to have your timeshare membership canceled. The resulting service is not legal because you cannot cancel a timeshare membership unless it’s during the rescission period. It doesn’t matter how much you paid the cancellation agency; they just can’t make that happen for you. So, this seeming timeshare solution will leave you with a serious problem if you follow their advice as you are likely to face legal action if you stop paying your timeshare maintenance fees or loan repayments.

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