Treat Yourself to a Gourmet Meal at Garza Blanca

Treat Yourself to a Gourmet Meal at Garza Blanca

Are you heading to Puerto Vallarta and want to know where to find gourmet meals? If so, then you should Treat Yourself to a Gourmet Meal. The Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa is part of the premiere Tafer Hotels & Resorts family and is located just south of downtown Puerto Vallarta in one of the best spots in all of Banderas Bay. Garza Blanca Resorts offers a vacation club membership that includes private beachfront residences that come with incredible ocean views, spacious accommodations, high end décor, and superior services. Along with their outstanding residences, the Garza Blanca has several high-quality restaurants located on the grounds of Garza Blanca. Continue to read below to learn how you can treat yourself to a great meal at Garza Blanca, and to also learn more about why their vacation club is the best in Puerto Vallarta.

Poolside at Aquazul Beach Bar and Lounge

One of the best benefits of a vacation club membership at Garza Blanca is lounging at one of their several sophisticated and breathtaking pools. Imagine soaking up the Mexican sun while enjoying the awe inspiring Banderas Bay views. When you get hungry, you and your family don’t have to leave the pool to eat because the Aquazul Beach Bar & Lounge provides convenient and high quality poolside restaurant service. Their snack bar menu is more than just a regular pool snack bar. There are so many delicious food choices to pick from, and some of the gourmet snack bar items include fresh juicy burgers, authentic Mexican guacamole, fresh and flavorful salads, and exquisite seafood ceviche. Is there anything more that you could you ask for when you and your family are hungry and want to enjoy all the time you can at the pool?

Oceanfront Dining at Blanca Blue

Another one of the excellent restaurants on site is Blanca Blue. Blanca Blue is a wonderful restaurant that can be found on the grounds of Garza Blanca and they serve freshly caught seafood among other choices that is prepared with an authentic Mexican twist. This is contemporary gourmet restaurant uses as many locally grown ingredients as possible. In addition to the amazing food, diners will have views of the oceanfront while enjoying their meal. The Blanca Blue also has an impressive selection of tequila and wine to complement your dining experience.

Banderas Bay Views at BocaDos STK

Do you love a great steak? If so, you will definitely want to go to BocaDos STK as it is a steak lover’s dream place. Situated high up on the hillside, BocaDos STK provides breathtaking views of Banderas Bay and the lush Sierra Madre jungle. Guests can choose to eat at this restaurant for lunch or dinner, and their menu features the best cuts of fresh meats, delicious side dishes, and fresh and tasty salads. Make sure you order a glass of wine or crafted beer to accompany your tantalizing meal. As far as seating options, guests can choose to dine indoors with upscale decor and A/C, or they can opt to sit outside on the terrace where lit candles and torches  create a tranquil and romantic ambiance.

As you can see, Garza Blanca has several top restaurants onsite where you and your family can treat yourself to a great meal. Are you considering purchasing a vacation club membership at Garza Blanca so you can enjoy the fine dining more often? It is a great idea that will provide you and your family with vacation memories that will last a lifetime. What restaurant would you like to try first? It will depend on the flavor that you have a craving for. Enjoy!

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