Timeshare Reviews: Advantages of Garza Blanca Timeshare Membership

Timeshare Reviews: Advantages of Garza Blanca Timeshare Membership

This blog is dedicated to sharing information about the timeshare companies that operate in Mexico as well as other topics related to timeshare and vacation ownership. This article is part of a series of timeshare reviews dedicated to exploring the benefits of the most popular timeshare memberships in Mexico. The information is taken from a variety of sources, including timeshare forums, timeshare reviews and the official Garza Blanca timeshare  website.

Timeshare Reviews: Garza Blanca Timeshare

According many timeshare reviews and member comments, a host of fabulous benefits and privileges are yours to take with a Garza Blanca timeshare membership. Take a look below at the main benefits of Garza Blanca timeshare.

Future Vacations at Today’s Prices

With your Garza Blanca Timeshare membership, you are ensured lifetime access to quality vacations in many of the best resorts in Mexico’s top beach destinations. With your membership, you get to pay for your future vacations at today’s prices, giving you great saving opportunities. Puerto Vallarta and Cancun are among the destination choices available for you to explore, with Los Cabos joining the options in 2018, followed by Riviera Maya.

Suites for All Occasions and Needs

Garza Blanca timeshare gives you the option and flexibility to stay in suites according to your specific requirements: length of time, location and size of your suite.

Bank or Borrow Points

Bank your unused Garza Blanca timeshare points for up to 5 years (1 year for biennial members).  The end of October is usually the cut-off date each year for banking of points. Not only that, you can also borrow up to 5 years of points in advance. (1 year in advance for biennial members). This feature was particularly popular in the timeshare reviews for Garza Blanca.

Use Extra Points for Summer

There are additional set of points called Preferred Points which you can use during the summer months (that’s May to October or weeks 18 to 43). Enjoy up to two full weeks of vacation using these points, which are optional for you to use at your leisure. You only have to pay the maintenance fees for the days that you use.

Enjoy Extra Nights

By paying the prorated Maintenance Fees for extra nights using your Garza Blanca timeshare, you can easily arrange an extra day or two to your stay at any of the resorts.

Exchange Weeks

Your Garza Blanca timeshare membership allows you to benefit from international exchanges through RCI and the Registry Collection, one of the top exchange networks in the world. You may exchange reserved weeks for your accommodations in whatever country you choose.

Book for Up To 24 Months in Advance

Submitting a two-year advance reservation is possible through your Garza Blanca timeshare membership.

Pay with your Garza Blanca Timeshare Points

Pay up to 50% of the cost for various services like meal plans, spa services, flower arrangements and much more with your Garza Blanca timeshare points.

Enjoy Members Discounts

Get your Garza Blanca timeshare discount card upon arrival at your destination. Use it to take advantage of discounts and privileges in participating restaurants, stores, bars and more. The associated travel agency on siten at the club’s hotels will also offer preferential rates for members.

Refer a Friend

One of the lesser known features of the Garza Blanca timeshare membership that came up in timeshare reviews was the Friends Count referral program. Encourage a friend to attend a Garza Blanca timeshare presentation and you will receive a reward. If your friend decides to purchase a membership, you will get even greater rewards!

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