Timeshare Doctor’s Advice About Garza Blanca Timeshare

Garza Blanca Timeshare

It goes without saying that we all need help, advice, and guidance now and then. In fact, sometimes we even need a warning! This is why I created this timeshare doctor section of my website. The Timeshare Doctor area is all about providing people with the information they need to make an informed decision before they hand over cash for a timeshare.

Today’s post is all about Garza Blanca timeshare and its products. Read on to find out the timeshare doctor’s advice about Garza Blanca timeshare.

Your Timeshare Doctor’s Advice about Garza Blanca timeshare

I have been working with my clients against timeshare scams and fraudsters for the past decade, and dedicate time to staying on top of what the scammers are doing, as well as following up with clients and cases. You would be surprised by just how many negative reviews claiming a company is fraudulent are fake themselves; often they are left by cancellation scammers looking to drum up business for themselves. That’s another story, however. Click here to find out more about cancellation scams.

Reputable timeshare companies

In addition to researching such scams, I also research genuine timeshare providers to determine who is offering the best deals. Now, while I must admit I do come across companies which are complete scams, this has become less and less common (thankfully) due to the zero tolerance policy held by local and federal governments these days. As such, most scam timeshares are easy to spot; they pop-up almost overnight and will have no history.

Garza Blanca Timeshare

This blog post is all about Garza Blanca timeshare, but if you want to know more about other timeshare providers you can search in the sidebar for links and posts.

Advantages of Garza Blanca Timeshare

First and foremost; if you’re on this page to see if Garza Blanca timeshare is a scam you will be pleased to hear that they are not. Garza Blanca Residence Club is not only a genuine and respected timeshare provider, but one which falls into the luxury bracket of vacation ownership products. Membership with this timeshare company will entitle you to access to five star resorts across Mexico! Plus you will be eligible for an RCI membership (at the time of writing you get a free introductory membership for one year).

Garza Blanca timeshare runs on a points basis membership system which gives you the freedom to tailor each vacation to your needs. With points you don’t have to stay at the same time, in the same accommodation, for the same duration each year; in fact you don’t even have to vacation every year! You can book super luxurious vacation for a two year period, or have two or three short stays over each year. It all depends on how you use your Garza Blanca timeshare points.

A Luxury Timeshare Membership

Luxury is a big thing when you join Garza Blanca residence club; this is a high end vacation ownership product which is leaps and bounds ahead of the traditional timeshare model. In fact, the company does not use the word timeshare, instead dubbing itself as a “residence club”. In all honesty, this is a better term for what they offer, anyway. One of my favourite advantages of this membership, however, is that you can evolve with it. There are plenty of ways to upgrade your Garza Blanca timeshare membership to suit your needs. There is even an Elite Tier of membership for the real luxury lovers out there.

Disadvantages of Garza Blanca Timeshare

There are very few disadvantages to owning a Garza Blanca timeshare, but one of the most notable ones may be the cost. As I stated, this is a luxury brand, and so while it’s great value for money it is by no means cheap. Garza Blanca Residence Club is a Mexican vacation specialist, too, so if you want to travel the world at large you will need an RCI membership in order to swap your timeshare at Garza Blanca for time in other resorts.

So, what is your verdict? Do you like Garza Blanca timeshare? Let us know in the comments box below and become an assistant to the Timeshare Doctor!

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