Stay Safe from Scams in Mexico (Vacation Tips)

Savvy travelers that want an enjoyable romantic weekend getaway or a family friendly vacation regularly choose Mexico. Mexico offers an ideal setting to enjoy great vacations. They have a wonderful climate, beautiful beaches, and amazing food that tourists love. However, tourism also brings out scammers looking to make a quick buck, too. You can stay safe from scams in Mexico by reading the article we provided below.  Mexico is a wonderful place to visit and has COVID safety measures in place to keep visitors safe right now. Keep reading below about how to protect yourself from a scam. 

Airport Transport Scams 

If you have reserved airport transportation to your resort ahead of time, make sure you take care when you arrive at the airport. Be careful that the same airport transportation company that you booked is picking you up. If you end up going with a different company by mistake, then you will end up paying double. This airport transport scam is common in Mexico. Scammers will target vacationers at the busiest Mexico airports as they arrive. They will make you think they are the airport transportation company that you have reserved. However, before you leave the airport terminal, check the airport transportation’s identification. Also, check to see that your name is on their reservation list before you leave the airport terminal. This is very important!

Homeowners and Renters Scams 

Another common scam that is occurring in Mexico is related to rental scams. This scam affects both homeowners and renters. If you are a homeowner wanting to rent out your Mexico property, you should make sure that the renter is legitimate. Also, if you are looking to rent a Mexico property for your vacation, you should make sure to use a reputable rental agency. If you want to keep yourself from being scammed with the homeowners and renters scam, then you should stay at a resort provider that is trustworthy like the Tafer Hotels & Resorts. They have over 3 decades of experience in the industry and never operate rental scams. They have several Garza Blanca Resorts in Mexico at the top destinations that vacationers love to visit. Plus, they operate the upscale and elegant adults-only Hotel Mousai.

Timeshare Membership Scams 

Thankfully, Mexico timeshare scams are starting to become less common. The Mexican government has put a lot of work into preventing scams. They want Mexico timeshares to be safe and a wonderful investment. Most of the reputable resorts are making sure they provide their members with the latest scam news to keep them safe. One of the biggest timeshare scams are related to timeshare cancellation companies. These scammers try to convince timeshare owners with a service that they cannot legally do. You should avoid all timeshare cancellation companies. By doing so, you will never become a timeshare scam victim. 

Credit Card and Debit Card Scams 

Another scam you should avoid in Mexico is related to credit card and debit card scams. The credit card and debit card scams often occur when people are booking their Mexico vacation online on a website that isn’t secure. You need to make sure any website is secure before entering your credit card details! Also, when you are vacationing in Mexico, make sure you carefully monitor your credit card transactions. Make sure your credit card never leaves your sight. Right now, most establishments in popular destinations have wireless terminals so your information is safe. However, if you don’t feel secure, don’t use your credit card or debit card for those transactions and opt for cash instead. 

Did you enjoy reading our stay safe from scams in Mexico vacation tips above? If you need a great place to stay on your Mexico vacation, contact Tafer Hotels & Resorts. They have more than thirty years of experience in the resort industry. Plus, they also provide genuine timeshare ownership programs, too. They have lovely Garza Blanca Resorts in Cabo, Cancun and Puerto Vallarta. They also have an adults-only upscale property called Hotel Mousai in PV. In addition, they also have COVID safety protocols in place at their resorts so that visitors and timeshare owners are safe to enjoy relaxing vacations in paradise. Contact them today to learn about their current promotions for all-inclusive vacation packages. It’s time to get away to enjoy some rest and relaxation in paradise!

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