How to Spend Less Money in Cancun

Going on a vacation can take a big chunk out of your bank balance, but it is fairly easy to keep your costs down when taking a vacation in Mexico. There are various ways to save money on a vacation in Cancun to ensure you get the most out of your getaway without overspending. Here are some tips to help you spend less on a Cancun Vacation:

1. Shop Around
If you plan your vacation in advance, you have time to shop around and get the best prices on both hotels and airplane tickets, which will make you the most savings on your vacation in Cancun. As soon as you know your dates to travel, start scouting out on the internet or check your local travel agent for deals. The best advice for plane tickets is to book as soon as you see a good price, don’t leave it – you can always find accommodation to fit your dates. Another way to make a great discount is to attend a timeshare presentation in return for discounted accommodations in Cancun. There are various companies that offer amazing cut-prices deals if you are willing to take a timeshare tour when you arrive.

2. All-Inclusive or Room Only?
There is no hard and fast rule as to which of these options will save you the most money. For sure, if you are going to spend most of your time on the resort, the cheapest option is to choose an all inclusive package, as hotel restaurant meals will soon tally up a large check. Big eaters and drinkers should also consider an all-inclusive package to save money. Room only (European plan) is a money saving option if you are planning to eat out in Cancun and know of local cheap eateries where you can spend less. Room only can also help you spend less if it is a suite with a kitchen as you can prepare meals in your unit.

3. Travel Off-Season
If you have the choice about when to travel, avoid peak seasons such as the holidays, Spring Break and the summer vacations. Traveling off season will save you money on both accommodations and flights to Cancun. There are other side benefits to visiting Cancun avoiding the high seasons such as the beaches have fewer tourists, excursions are less crowded and the Mayan sites are easy to navigate and take photos without dodging other tourists. The great thing about visiting Cancun off season is the sun and warm temperatures are virtually guaranteed anytime of the year.

4. Transport
Depending on how you wish to get yourself from A to B, you can make great savings in Cancun by using public transport. Taxis are not greatly expensive but the buses are super cheap and reliable. Renting a car can also save you money if you book before you arrive. You will find the best deal on line rather than waiting to make a reservation at the airport. Likewise, booking an airport transfer in advance will also save you money on high taxi fares managed from the airport.

5. Budget for Souvenirs
There is so much to buy in Cancun as the place is full of cultural shops, souvenir stores and beach vendors. Having a set budget for souvenirs can help you save money while on vacation in Cancun as there will be so much to tempt you. This is also a good strategy if you have children, giving them an allowance for souvenirs. Another way to make savings is to haggle wherever you can. Beach vendors and flea markets are the best for haggling.

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