Scams in 2019: Key Tips

Scams in 2019: Key Tips

Are you interested in a vacation ownership membership because you love vacations and  you are ready to start investing in your future? A vacation ownership membership is definitely a great way to start planning ahead for your vacations so you will have the best getaways and travel experiences for many, many years to come. Unfortunately, we do have to tell you about timeshare scams. Thankfully, timeshare scams are not occurring as much as they did in prior years, and you can prevent a timeshare scam from occurring to you if you know what signs to look for. Continue to read below to learn the top timeshare scam sings so you can prevent a scam from occurring to you.

Scams in 2019: Key Tips

Timeshare Company Reputation

When you are considering which timeshare company to choose from to avoid scams, you should consider the company’s reputation. It’s a no brainer to always avoid any company with a bad reputation, but what should you do if you come across a timeshare company that doesn’t have any reputation at all? Buyers beware! If a company doesn’t have any information, bad reputation, or good reputation, then you should probably avoid them. Often times fraudulent timeshare companies change their company name all the time so they can find new victims to scam. Before you purchase your vacation ownership membership, you should always do your research first, and if they have no information about them, then this is probably a timeshare scam that you should avoid.

Timeshare Network Partnership

Most of the genuine and reputable timeshare companies belong to a network or partnership with other resorts worldwide. It is unusual if you come across a vacation club provider that is not affiliated with any other resorts within a network. Today, members want to have more flexibility with their investment, and a network allows members to travel to different properties that are within the resort family for their vacations. Any timeshare company that isn’t with a network partnership could possibly be scammers.

Providing Proper Identification

Another timeshare scam warning sign is based upon the sales representative. If the sales rep doesn’t have proper identification to show you, then you should beware. Any sales reps that are with a genuine timeshare provider are given proper identification that they can show to any client that they are talking to. If the sales rep can’t produce the proper identification, this is not a good sign. Also, did the sales rep talk to you around town? Authentic sales rep can legally work in the airport and in some of the shopping malls. If a sales rep approaches you around town, then it is possible that the sales rep is a fraud. You should first ask the sales rep to see their proper identification before you agree to attend a sales presentation. You don’t want to waste your time and become victim to a timeshare scam.

Tour of a Different Resort

Also, if a sales rep is talking to you about a particular resort, but then the sales rep takes you to an entirely different resort, then this is likely a scammer. The sales rep probably doesn’t work for the resort they are claiming to represent. In addition, did the sales rep take you to a different location to sign the membership contract? Was the resort tour quick and hurried? If so, this is a red flag. Any sales reps that do a sales presentation outside of the resort in a different location is probably a fraud.

“Feels Off”

If you have a general feeling of unease about a sales rep, then you should trust your gut. Did you start to notice that the sales rep was telling you little lies? If so, you are likely dealing with a scammer. All genuine sales reps with a reputable timeshare company are always honest and very professional. Anytime a genuine company learns that one of their sales reps is telling false information about the resort or  membership, then they are punished. Always listen to your instincts especially if you feel the sales rep is not being honest and trustworthy. These are some of the most popular timeshare scams in 2019. Being a vacation ownership member with a genuine timeshare company is a good investment. Follow these key tips are to avoid timeshare scams so you are not a victim and stay safe.

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