Puerto Vallarta Tips to Save Money

Puerto Vallarta is not an expensive vacation destination by any means, although there are always ways to spend more than is necessary on a vacation in Vallarta. The most effective Puerto Vallarta tips to save money are actually more about common sense than expert advice, as you will see below in my top tips to spend less in Puerto Vallarta.

1. Spend Less on Accommodation
The are hotels and resorts for all budgets in PV, and one of the best Puerto Vallarta tips to save money is to shop around for the cheapest hotel deals. Some timeshare companies also offer highly discounted accommodations if you attend a presentation when you arrive.

2. Buy from Street and Beach Vendors
You save money on the souvenirs that you buy in Puerto Vallarta when you purchase arts and crafts from street vendors and beach sellers. You will also support those people who need the money most rather than spending in airport shops and expensive stores.

3. Eat with the Locals
Dining out can take a large chunk of your vacation budget in Puerto Vallarta, so one tip is to dine where you see the locals eating. You are likely to enjoy amazing food and spend less at the same time.

4. Budget Airfares
One of the most effective Puerto Vallarta tips to save money is to fly using a budget airline. These cheap airlines tend to open routes during the high season from November to March.

5. Take a Bus or walk
And finally, save money in Puerto Vallarta by using public transport or walking where possible. This is sure way to spend less in Puerto Vallarta.

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