Puerto Vallarta Over the Years

Puerto PVR

The history of Puerto Vallarta is quite interesting. Today, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Many important factors made Puerto Vallarta what it is today. Before Puerto Vallarta became a thriving and popular tourist destination, it was a mining center because of the Sierra Madre Mountains and Ameca River agricultural valley. Although travel in 2020 is currently on hold due to the coronavirus and COVID-19 crisis, if we all work together we can get through this unprecedented situation. When travel is once again possible, Garza Blanca Resorts is an amazing place to stay at when you are vacationing in Puerto Vallarta. Continue to read below about how Puerto Vallarta has changed over the years as it was converted into the popular vacation destination that it is today. 

Puerto Vallarta – How it Began

Archaeological studies revealed that the Aztaltan people were living in the area until 580 BC. In approximately 1524, the Spanish arrived and invaded the area. They began fighting with the native people for control of the land. Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortez fought against up to 20,000 natives, and the Spanish won the war to take over control of the Ameca Valley. A little time later, the area’s name was changed to Banderas, which means flags in Spanish. It was a perfect name for the area, because the natives that lived in the area were known to carry beautiful bright and colorful flags when they were in a battle. The Banderas Bay became an important port for cargo ships and other large vessels during the 17-18th centuries. 

A Quiet Fishing Town Turned Into a Luxurious Resort Town

A major rebirth occurred with Puerto Vallarta during the 1950-1960’s. The quiet fishing town became a luxurious resort town. Property disputes were resolved by the Mexican government that had previously stopped any new developments. Communal lands were made private lands that could be bought and sold. The resulting revenue was used to help Puerto Vallarta grow. Officially, Puerto Vallarta was given Mexican city status in 1968. 

Puerto Vallarta Growth with “The Night of the Iguana’ Movie

During 1964, American director John Huston started filming “The Night of the Iguana” movie in Mismaloya, which is a small beach village just south of Puerto Vallarta. Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor were the stars of the movie.  During filming, the two started having an affair, which was covered by United States media. News outlets flocked to Puerto Vallarta to cover the scandal. The public’s interest in the affair sparked attention in Puerto Vallarta, and more and more tourists wanted to visit. 

Mexican Government Invested in Air and Ground Transportation

During the end of the sixties, more changes to Puerto Vallarta began to occur. First, the Mexican government decided to invest a lot of money in air and ground transportation. For example, the Puerto Vallarta International Airport was built. Today, millions of visitors use the PV airport. In addition,  new highways were built and older roads were renovated. Also, Mexico’s first harbor city was Puerto Vallarta as the El Salado wharf was inaugurated on June 1, 1970. Next, major development for hotels and resorts ramped up. Now in 2020, there are more than fifty 4 and 5 star resorts and hotels. 

Puerto Vallarta – Present Day

During the eighties, the peso devalued drastically, which made Puerto Vallarta an ideal and affordable vacation spot. Later, in the nineties foreigners were able to buy ejido lands as the Agrarian Law changed. If a foreigner used a bank trust or a Fideicomiso, they could purchase land. Presently, Puerto Vallarta earns most of their revenue through tourism. The natural beauty, beautiful beaches, and perfect weather makes Puerto Vallarta a top vacation destination. 

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