Protect Yourself From Being Scammed

Protect Yourself From Being Scammed

While it is true that the majority of Mexican timeshare owners are happy with their investment, there are also timeshare scams out there that can ruin your vacation and severely affect your finances.  The best part of owning a Mexican timeshare is it allows you to plan ahead for luxurious vacations at fabulous resorts throughout Mexico. You can make sure to prioritize and value your vacation time, and avoid getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of work responsibilities. However, make sure you don’t fall victim to a Mexican timeshare scam that could cause unwanted stress and ruin your treasured family time.  Unfortunately, Mexican timeshare scams where consulting companies scam genuine Mexican timeshare owners are happening more and more, so continue reading below to learn how to avoid this from happening to you.

Mexican Timeshare Scams

In past decades, Mexican timeshare scams usually involved a fake company trying to sell a Mexican timeshare that did not even exist. Also, some scams occurred when companies misrepresented a Mexican timeshare, or even tried to sell a timeshare that was not legally theirs to sell. Today, times are changing and the scammers are coming up with new approaches. This new approach goes after existing Mexican timeshare owners by offering to resell or cancel their existing Mexican timeshare for a fee. These new scammers also may claim they can sell your old timeshare, but will first ask you to pay an upfront fee. Other times, the scammers may even state they already have identified a willing buyer to purchase your old timeshare. To protect yourself, be very wary of any companies that offer Mexican timeshare resale or cancellation services as it is most likely a timeshare scam.

Consultant Scammers and Resellers

In the recent past, the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) warned Mexican timeshare owners that scammers operating under the name of “Resort Consulting Advocates” were offering false services. This fraudulent company claimed to have interested buyers for timeshare properties, but instead only charged genuine Mexican timeshare owners an upfront fee and then disappeared.  “Resort Consulting Advocates” is one of numerous timeshare scammers using this approach to scam innocent people out of their hard earned money.  The best way to protect your timeshare investment is to only deal directly with the timeshare company you purchased your Mexican timeshare from, and avoid any reseller or cancellation consultants. If you ever have a concerns or complaint regarding your Mexican timeshare, do not involve a third party and always go directly to your Mexican timeshare company for assistance. This is the best way to avoid a timeshare scam.

Scammed? What to Do Next

If you are a victim of a timeshare scam and are not sure what to do next, it is best to first let your Mexican timeshare company know what happened. That way, you can help prevent the scammers from adversely affecting other genuine Mexican timeshare owners. Also, it is a good idea to alert the local authorities and issue a report with the Better Business Bureau. By all working together, we can put an end to this type of Mexican timeshare scam.

In conclusion, never pay an upfront fee to a third party who claims they can resale or cancel your Mexican timeshare as it is almost always a timeshare scam ploy.  Always deal with your Mexican timeshare company where you bought your timeshare from, and do not get scammed by malicious third party deviants. We hope these safety measures will help keep you safe from Mexican timeshare scammers so you can enjoy your beloved timeshare investment for many years to come.

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