Mexico and RCI’s Trading Power

The modern world is becoming saturated with jargon and buzzwords and every time there is a new product on the market, busy strategists and linguists strive to come up with nomenclature that is fitting of their product. Trading power is such a buzz word used by RCI vacation club to describe the value that a timeshare week has when you deposit it for exchange in their vacation accommodation network.

The way that RCI Trading Power works in Mexico, just like any other country in the world, is that when you deposit your Mexico timeshare week, it is given a value or trading power in accordance with particular criteria stipulated by RCI. This criteria ensures that you trade like for like accommodations as your timeshare is given a certain status (trading power).

Once you know what your trading power is for your Mexico timeshare week, you can then start swapping using RCI’s exchange network for other destinations around the world or even within Mexico. The great thing about trading power is that the points you are allocated by RCI can be banked for future use. So, just imagine that you have a special occasion the following year and you want to stay for longer or go somewhere really special that requires a higher trading power, you can save points for the following year.

How is trading power calculated in Mexico?
Mexico is no different than any other country in that you will be given a trading power score for your home timeshare being located in Mexico and even more specifically related to which city, such as Cancun or Puerto Vallarta. You get more points for owning in a popular vacation destination than a less appealing place, and likewise, the dates that you have reserved will also affect how many trading power points you are allocated. Other factors that affect your trading power are details about the resort itself, such as whether it is a five star resort, customer feedback etc. You can boost your trading power by depositing your weeks as early as possible too.

The best way to find out about the specific criteria for RCI Mexico timeshares is to contact RCI for a current assessment.

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