How To Avoid Timeshare Scams in Mexico

For many people, Mexico is the top destination for the best vacations in paradise. People from everywhere come to this beautiful country regularly for their vacations. The climate is always wonderful, the beaches are beautiful, and this country has some of the best food in the world. Unfortunately, scams in Mexico can happen if you don’t know what to look out for. For instance, many vacationers are often targeted by scammers. Continue to read below to learn how to avoid timeshare scams in Mexico. 

How To Avoid Timeshare Scams in Mexico

Mexico is the place to go for amazing vacations. However, if tourists are not aware of red flags to look out for, scams in Mexico can occur. Since Mexico is such a popular destination for vacations, this also means scammers are always on the prowl wanting to scam the many vacationers that frequent the area. If you stay alert and know what to look for, you won’t become a victim to a Mexico timeshare scam. Below are some of the most popular 2020 top scams. Avoid scammers by staying alert and you will have a wonderful vacation that you will never forget! 

Rental Scams in Mexico

Rental scams is a popular Mexico scam that you need to avoid. Many times, people are scammed when trying to book their next vacation in Mexico. The scam happens when a supposed rental company or person is trying to rent you property that they don’t own. The scammers will advertise the ‘property’, and many times they do not have the right to rent it or there is no such property at all. Oftentimes, they will ask that you place a deposit or even pay the full rental charge up front. To stay safe, you should only trust reputable rental services when you are trying to pick your property rental. Only work with a resort that is reputable and well known such as the Tafer Hotels & Resorts, who just happens to be an award-winning resort provider with several beautiful resorts throughout Mexico. Garza Blanca and Hotel Housai are luxury resorts that guests love to stay at. With locations in Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas, they are currently building two new resorts in Cancun and the Riviera Maya. To avoid being a victim to a rental scam, make sure you book your vacation with a reputable resort like the Tafer Hotels & Resorts. 

Timeshare Scams in Mexico

Timeshare scams in Mexico are happening less often than in previous years. The Mexican Government along with the timeshare industry are working together to prevent timeshare scammers from operating. Today, they are educating visitors, vacationers, and possible timeshare owners, so they don’t become a victim. Most of the timeshare scams in Mexico are based around timeshare resales and cancellations. A timeshare resale scam is when you purchase a timeshare membership from a person rather than the resort for a new membership. In these situations, it is harder to prove if the seller is reputable. In order to avoid this timeshare scam in Mexico, only work with reputable timeshare providers like the Tafer Hotels & Resorts. Vacation club owners can legally cancel their membership if their rescission period hasn’t passed, but once it has ended, they cannot legally cancel their membership. Note that there isn’t any timeshare cancellation company that can legally revoke your membership. No matter what they tell you, they aren’t able to legally do this for you. If you want to avoid becoming a victim to this scam, then you should only work with your provider. 

Airport Transfer Scams

Another popular timeshare scams in Mexico that you need to be aware of is the airport transfer scam. This scam happens when people book their transportation before they arrive at the airport. Many people will arrive at the airport ready to start having the best vacation, then they become a target by someone who isn’t employed by the transportation company that they hired. These scammers will confuse you, then they will charge you extremely high rates. You will end up paying twice for transportation. You can avoid this scam in Mexico by having your transportation confirmation details with you. You should also request to see an official identification to make sure they work with the company that you paid for. Doing this will keep you from becoming a victim to this scam. 

You have just read the top tips on how to avoid timeshare scams in Mexico. We hope you stay aware, so you are protected. Looking for the best place to stay? Contact Tafer Hotels & Resorts today. They have beautiful properties in the best destinations in Mexico. Plus, they offer an exclusive vacation club membership for qualified individuals.  Contact them today to plan ahead for your next getaway to paradise. If you do that, then you will have an amazing vacation in Mexico. 

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