What Happens at a Villa del Palmar Cancun Timeshare Presentation?

What Happens at a Villa del Palmar Cancun Timeshare Presentation?

People who vacation to Cancun on a regular basis will know that there is a booming timeshare industry in the city, and for good reason. Cancun is one of the premier beach destinations in Mexico, and a prime location for timeshare and vacation clubs. As a result, you will often find that you are met by timeshare and vacation club reps at the airport.

Villa del Palmar Cancun Timeshare Reps at the Airport

The Villa del Palmar Cancun timeshare reps at Cancun airport are seriously knowledgeable people who can give you all sorts of tips as to how to make your vacation in Cancun even better, so it pays to speak to one! If you decide to go along to a sales presentation at Villa del Palmar Cancun, you may be offered one of any number of incentives, which might include discounts on tours in Cancun, a free taxi ride to your hotel and other treats.

What you need to know before attending a Villa del Palmar Cancun timeshare presentation

As with all reputable timeshare presentations, be sure that you meet all of the criteria required of you to receive any incentive gifts offered before you attend the presentation at Villa del Palmar Cancun. For example, arriving with a valid credit card is a non-negotiable requirement, which is part of the agreement for you to be eligible for the gifts or discounts. Arrive on time and make sure that you are not under the influence of alcohol or other substances. Be sure that your taxi takes you to straight to Villa del Palmar Cancun and not to any other resort; occasionally scammers will try to trick you into attending a bogus presentation.

What to expect when you arrive

The sales presentation is fairly formal but very entertaining; you will be with other would-be timeshare members. A senior member of the team will present an engaging sales pitch and give you an overview of the product on offer. At this point they will also give you some information on other resorts in the chain (as a membership will give you access to them too), and showcase some photographs of the grounds and amenities.


A complimentary breakfast will usually take place either before or after the presentation.

Your Villa Del Palmar Cancun Sales Rep

Once you have enjoyed the timeshare presentation you will be assigned a sales agent who will ask you some questions with the aim of getting to know you and your vacation needs better! Be honest with them, even if you’re swaying to the side of not buying; they probably won’t stop trying (it is their job), but if you tell them why they may be able to resolve some of the issues for you. At this point you can see floor plans, and photographs of the units that are on offer before taking a tour of the resort.

Can you afford it?

If finances are a concern for you, this next stage is key; you can sit down with someone in the know and discuss your vacation desires and your financial realities with the aim of balancing them well! We would advise you to take notes and ask any questions you might have at this point.

If you do decide to buy a Villa del Palmar Cancun timeshare membership after this presentation you do not have to worry about being caught up with paperwork for hours; the process will go pretty quickly once you sign your contract!

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