Reasons to Join Garza Blanca Vacation Club

Have you been pondering over the question, “Why purchase a timeshare membership?” Many people have been where you are today. The truth is, timeshare ownership allows smart travelers to invest in their families and ensure…


Travel Tips Update (2020)

Due to the coronavirus and COVID-19 epidemic, the entire world is living in a state of uncertainty. In many ways, everyday living has been halted. Most travel plans have been cancelled too, but if we…

Timeshare Ownership in Mexico

Time is precious and life is short, so isn’t it important that you should have the best vacations with your family and friends? Vacations allow everyone to reconnect with one another. In our busy life…

Puerto PVR

Puerto Vallarta Over the Years

The history of Puerto Vallarta is quite interesting. Today, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Many important factors made Puerto Vallarta what it is today. Before Puerto…

Tequila Jalisco, Mexico, Pueblo magico

Get to Know Tequila: Mexico’s Shining Star

In a small and charming town in Jalisco, tequila was born.  The blue agave plant is used to create tequila, which just happens to be one of the top choices of liquors around the world….


Timeshare Cooling Off Period – Can I Cancel?

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Travel to Mexico: Club Caribe Deals

Travel to Mexico: Club Caribe Deals

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Top Vacation Clubs in Mexico: Garza Blanca

Top Vacation Clubs in Mexico: Garza Blanca

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