Best Adult Only Vacations in Puerto Vallarta

Rooftop Hotel Mousai Puerto Vallarta

Looking for the best adult only vacations? Puerto Vallarta is the place to be!

For those who visit Puerto Vallarta, adult only vacations are an enduringly popular choice, and with the recent opening of the only AAA 5 Diamond awarded hotel in the city, the Hotel Mousai, this trend looks set to stay.

Adult Only Vacations

What’s so great about an adult only vacation, you ask? Well, it’s the freedom of not having to worry about the kids. It’s knowing you can stay up as late as you want and lie in bed as long as you please, it’s about knowing you can have that extra glass of wine because you’ve no one to babysit and, more than anything, it’s about becoming who you were before diaper changes, midnight feeds and the early morning school run.

Why Puerto Vallarta for Adult Only Vacations?

Puerto Vallarta is well equipped for adults on vacation – there’s something here to suit every taste. Not only will visitors find that there are many great locations in which to have a romantic meal, but you can also dance the night away at a variety of clubs, get close to nature with horse and camel trekking (or an ATV tour if you wish it), and seek out culture in the art galleries. Water babies can even enjoy diving and snorkelling tours!

The booze cruises, souvenir shops and colorful bars don’t hide the fact that Puerto Vallarta offers an experience of Mexico that is, in it’s own way, authentic. Unlike so many big destinations in Mexico Puerto Vallarta predates the tourist industry – though the business brought in has helped the city to flourish! Downtown Puerto Vallarta has managed to keep its unique flavour and charm even to this day; the elegance of these cobblestone streets cannot be denied.

The Hotel Mousai offers the best adult only vacations in the Banderas Bay area. According to AAA Five Diamond, it is one of the most exceptional hotels in the whole state of Jalisco featuring  “luxury, sophistication and comfort, extraordinary physical attributes, meticulous personal service, extensive amenities, and impeccable standards of excellence.” According to adult only vacation reviews, the facilities available to the guests of the Hotel Mousai are second to none; on the rooftop there is a stunning pool which gets mind-blowing views of the city, and on the 15th floor you’ll find Spa Imagine. This is a truly one-of-a-kind Spa experience as the panoramic sliding doors offer the most wonderful views and the hydrotherapy circuit is simply top notch.

If this doesn’t sway you we’re sure the Hiroshi Japanese sushi restaurant might just do that! Not only do you get access to this wonderful Asian-fusion restaurant, but you can also access the three other gourmet eateries which can be found on within the Garza Blanca Preserve (on which the Hotel Mousai is situated).

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