Benefits of RCI and Registry Collection

Benefits of RCI and Registry Collection

So, you have your dream timeshare membership and your vacations are going great… but you would like to see a little more of the world now and then, right? This is where the RCI and Registry Collection (together the largest international exchange services available) come in.  B

The benefits of a membership with these companies can help you to see the world. But why, we hear you ask, would you pay for an additional membership? What’s the pay off and benefits? Well…

Benefits of RCI and the Registry Collection

The benefits of signing up to an RCI or the Registry Collection membership are pretty clear; for minimal cost a whole world opens up to you. By exchanging the time you would usually spend in your home timeshare resort you can instead stay in comparable accommodation anywhere in the world that these companies operate. Better still, many timeshare memberships come with a free trial of RCI or Registry Collection services.

Benefits of International Exchanges

All available locations are displayed on the Registry Collection or RCI websites, so you should browse to see what takes your fancy. Once you know where you wish to go you can begin the process by booking the corresponding time at your home timeshare resort, and then depositing this secured reservation with RCI or the Registry Collection for exchange. All exchanges are kept fair through the use of Trading Power.

Trading Power

Trading power is the system of evaluation which ensures that all timeshare exchanges are equitable. The idea is that more desirable suites, times, and resorts pack more of a punch, and so if you book time in peak season you might get less time in a better suite, or the same amount of time in comparable accommodation in return. It all depends upon what you want.

Getaway Weeks

A further benefit of membership with RCI or the Registry Collection is the ability to take advantage of inexpensive getaways and last minute deals to a plethora of locations. To book these deals you need only pay as you would with any travel agent; these do not affect your points.

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