All You Need to Know About Timeshare Cancellations

Have you thought about cancelling your timeshare membership?  Make sure you read this article first to learn all you need to know about timeshare cancellations. This information will help you understand if a timeshare membership cancellation is possible, and the potential repercussions you could face if you cancel.

Can I Cancel My Timeshare?

To begin with, you must understand that a timeshare contract is a legally binding document. As a result, timeshare contracts cannot be cancelled after the cooling off period has ended. Regardless of your reasons for wanting to cancel, the membership contract is a legal document and clearly states that your membership cannot be cancelled except during the cooling off period that occurs right after you sign. It is important to understand that a timeshare membership contract is legal and must be treated as such. It is important to understand when a timeshare cancellation is possible, because timeshare cancellation companies could try to scam you into believing they can cancel your membership even though they cannot. Instead, avoid timeshare cancellation companies completely and start planning how you can get the most out of your vacation ownership investment.

Cooling Off Period – Check Contract

The cooling off period is the few days where you can legally cancel your timeshare which occurs right after signing the contract. This time frame was implemented in order to protect timeshare providers and new members. The cooling off period allows new owners to have a few days to read through the contract and understand their membership. Also, the cooling off period protects timeshare providers from clients that frequently change their mind or make impulsive decisions. Cooling off periods generally last between 5 to 14 days after you signed your contract.  Carefully check the details of your contract so you can correctly identify the specific cooling off period dates associated with your membership. After the cooling off period has ended, owners cannot cancel their membership. That is the time when the timeshare provider begins to officially process the sale and also is able to pay out commissions to their sales reps.

Cooling Off Period Ended – What Next?  

Have you taken a moment to find your timeshare contract and realized that the cooling off period for your membership has already ended? Were you considering a cancellation and now not sure what to do next?  Since you cannot legally cancel your membership at this point, it makes more sense to begin using your membership and start scheduling your next vacation. If you purchased a Tafer Resort membership, you will be pleased to know that you are now a member of one of the most prestigious and reputable luxury resorts in all of Mexico. With existing properties in Puerto Vallarta and new construction underway in both Cabo San Lucas and Riviera Maya, Tafer Resort owners have the chance to take wonderful vacations with their loved ones.  Take time for yourself and don’t let daily life pass you by.

Do Not Use Timeshare Cancellation Companies

Lastly, it is extremely important to always avoid fraudulent timeshare cancellation companies that claim they can assist you in cancelling your timeshare.  Timeshare cancellation companies regularly scam innocent owners by charging a large upfront fee, but then do not provide a service since they cannot legally cancel a timeshare membership. Your time is valuable so protect your hard earned money and avoid all timeshare cancellation companies. These fraudsters will only create additional financial stress and havoc in your life.

In conclusion, you now know that once the cooling off period has passed, you are legally unable to cancel your membership. Instead, start appreciating and enjoying the great investment you have made.  Why not begin making your next vacation plans today? The luxurious Tafer Resorts are guaranteed to give you the best vacation experiences of your life. Start using your timeshare membership now and you will soon view it as your dream home in paradise!  

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