2017: Where is the Timeshare Going?

2017: Where is the Timeshare Going?
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In 2017, where is the timeshare going? Great news, 2017 is geared to be an exciting and amazing year for the timeshare industry and vacation clubs. There may be some challenges that come, but the bottom line is the clients will be satisfied at the end of the day. The world is thriving with the rise of new technology which will also have a great impact on the timeshare industry and its loyal members. This will be the year that the timeshare industry will reach a pivotal moment.

Higher Levels of Luxury

Even just 10 years ago, vacation ownership and timeshare products were associated more with the business traveler sector and mid-range services rather than luxury. However, nowadays, and certainly for 2017, vacation owners are looking for higher levels of luxury at their home resorts, with many wanting to pampered and receive those extra amenities that gave them the much coveted ‘wow’ factor. As such, 2017 will see timeshare companies and residence clubs aiming to meet the higher tier service levels to capture the interest of a growing breed of timeshare member looking for luxury and class rather than budget accommodations.

More than vacations, we want transformative experiences

During the past two years the timeshare industry has begun to notice how member satisfaction has more and more to do with the quality of members’ overall experiences rather than simply the quality of their accommodations. Yes, timeshare members still want to stay in first rate accommodations that they can call home, but they also want an experience that will teach them something new or introduce them to novel experiences. It is predicted that during 2017, this trend towards transformative experiences will continue will more and more visitors looking to extend their horizons in terms of mind, body and spirit.

Today’s Technology

Advances in technology cannot be denied, and the timeshare industry must embrace today’s technology too in order to remain relevant. Nowadays, many timeshare companies are moving towards full communication with their members by using email, blogs, apps and the top social networks. Timeshare members can get all the latest news and stay in contact with their timeshare company from the comfort of their home with social networks. Likewise, some timeshare companies are developing apps for smartphones and tablets to make it easier for members to book their time at their home away from home.

The United States Political Effects on the Timeshare Industry in 2017

The United States’ political changes starting with the inauguration of a new president, Donald Trump in January of 2017 may well have an effect on the timeshare industry, although it is too early to say whether this impact will be positive or negative. Trade agreements and policies on immigration may well have an effect on the status quo, although most timeshare experts are looking towards a positive impact on an already thriving industry. Nevertheless, this topic remains a major debate for all timeshare companies for 2017.

What would you like to see occur with the timeshare industry in 2017? During 2017, where is timeshare going? One thing is for certain, the timeshare industry will thrive to provide their members and visitors with high level services and accommodations.

Let us know what factors will determine your traveling in 2017. Please leave all your comments below.

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